Eric Romano

The Barcelonian Dj Eric Romano is well-known as one the most successful talents nowadays. This prolific producer is considered to be a reference of Electronic Music worldwide. Eric Romano has headlined the most prestigious festivals in the world such are SONAR and the ADE FESTIVAL, enthralling people with his apotheosic Dj sets.

It's worth mentioning, that during his career Eric Romano has worked in the most prestigious record companies as "Universal", "Arcade Music", "Tempo Music", "Blanco y Negro", "USA Import" and many others in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and the U.S.A.

Being one of the greatest examples of success, Eric Romano has the privilege to perform at some of the world’s biggest, best festivals, events, shows and clubs as:

  • Space,
  • Privilege,
  • Cafe Olé,
  • Sleek,
  • Catwalk,
  • Liquid Plaza (the U.S.A),
  • The O.C Club (the Netherlands),
  • Matter (London),
  • The Club (Bulgaria),
  • Studio 54 (Russia),
  • Crash (Bulgaria),
  • among many others.

It’s well-known that Eric Romano's charisma is boundless, the words “quality” and “success” are the most appropriate to define him.

Each of his performances is an authentic show, a conglomerate of extrasensory feelings and a genuine pleasure for the most refined and selective ear. Mixing seamlessly, Eric Romano employs his own sound, visual elements and multimedia art, as an inseparable part of his “live” proposal, making his DJ sets a unique experience.

His "savoir faire" makes each of his sets is a constant explosion of energy, pure rhythm, an endless mental journey, full of ecstatic emotions.

The professional future of this exceptional and featured artist is full of new projects and goals, that will provide him worldwide recognition, taking him all over the globe. Are you ready? The story has just started!